The key to marketing success is gaining an edge over your competitors. You have to inform a wider target audience about your expertise and services in an effective way and before your competitors can get to them.

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Deciding to proceed with a divorce, or being forced into one, is a difficult process emotionally and financially. Other than a lawyer you may need to consult with, a team of professionals such as a real estate agent.

Here are some ways in which your skills and knowledge are essential:

Market Opinion
Before a client meets with his or her lawyer, they need to ascertain an estimated value of the family assets.

Achieving the Best Price
The sad thing about family law disagreement is that, in the vast number of cases, the sale of the family home and investment properties is almost certain. An agent plays an important role in achieving the ultimate sale price on behalf of both parties.

The relocation process can mean either buying or renting another property. The role of an agent is significant.


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I love innovations, fresh ideas; and I am doing new things every day to help my business. Unfortunately, most law firm websites I come across are boring. They offer nothing more than an online resume of the principal and a contact form. There’s nothing of substance for the potential client.

When it comes to law firm marketing, I like to compare a website to LEGO bricks - is a simple toy that allows you to piece together the plastic bricks to build unique creations.

This is one of the most basic concepts, but it has kept the company going for decades. However, within the last decade or so, the LEGO brand has become much more than that. The company has secured licenses for many popular franchises, including Star Wars and Marvel, and has used this to turn its once-limited toy brand into a fully-fledged entertainment empire.

Just like LEGO, you need a vision for your company that extends beyond where it is today. It is about offering the same basic service or concept but adding a unique sales proposition and packaging it in a way that makes it stand out.