Selling My Home

A relationship breakdown comes with many other complications, such as selling your family home. It is daunting, I understand what you are going through.

Apart from my own experience with relationship breakdown, I was a real estate agent for 25 years prior to establishing Australia’s most exclusive family law website in 2005. During that time, I saw how many people were under pressure by their marital situation, or forced to sell by a court order.

When faced with a situation where you have to sell your home, the highest price is your number one priority for you, your partner and your family. Do what you can to work with your agent and your soon to be ex-partner to achieve the best price. While selling a home is stressful at the best of times, it is harder to do this when you’re going through a divorce. It requires plenty communication and agreement on various issues, such as who will be living in the home, repairs that need to be done, etc.

While everyone knows several agents, it is probably better to go with someone you do not know at this time. It is already complicated enough to work through a divorce at the best of times. Don’t add to the complication by hiring a friend or family member who is a real estate to sell the house. With all the complications, a lot of negative emotions can be stirred up and it may well lead to the buyer backing out of the deal. Rather hire a professional real estate agent, one that has experience in dealing with divorcing couples.

I’d like to share my two top tips for selling a home while you are getting a divorce:

  • Find the right divorce lawyer - While all divorce lawyers know how to draw up agreements and file documents, it is important to find one who understands that you are going through a difficult time and the expense involved in going to court all the time. Find one who will help mitigate the costs, while at the same time doing the right thing, which is helping you settle things amicably where possible.
  • Find an agent who specialises in divorce - Selling a home during divorce involves many disagreements, emotions, legalities and disagreement, which is why you need an agent who can handle that. Seek a real estate divorce agent to get the best advice. They understand what’s involved and will work closely with your lawyer to ensure a seamless process.

Aussie Divorce brings together 25 years+ of real estate experience and first-hand knowledge of divorce. Our aim is to place your trust with top legal practitioners and real estate agents.

We only work with Australia’s top selling agents…. Limited to just few agents in each region.

Selecting an agent that has the knowledge, professionalism and the right personality to work with both parties is very important. Negotiation and inspections can really stir up a lot of negative emotions. But we know that divorcing couples are going through one of the toughest times, and they can use all the help they can get. If you’re in this situation, I invite you to contact me today. I have the knowledge, experience, and passion to help you through this difficult time. Having been through it myself, I understand what you are experiencing.

I will use my experience as real estate divorce agent and as a person, coupled with professionalism and real estate knowledge to get your home sold at the best price. My role is to understand the whole picture while remaining impartial and getting the home sold on a win-win basis is my number one priority. For this to work, I have to have tough skin and I am known as a problem solver.

If you, or someone you know, is going through a divorce and would like my assistance, please feel free to contact me by completing the contact form below. I will get back to you promptly to discuss your situation. I am offering a free, no obligation consultation by phone.

For a legal advice I will have one of our family lawyers contact you.