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Roland Muller

Roland Muller

Roland is an experienced advocate who frequently represents clients in final and interim hearings, mediations and conciliations. His experience includes acting for clients at all stages of property, parenting and other family law proceedings, as well as the strategic use of procedural applications and the preparation of evidence. Roland also has extensive broader experience representing applicants and respondents in contested intervention order applications, child protection, Coroners Court, criminal, employment law, litigation, regulatory and disciplinary proceedings, which inform a ‘big picture’, strategic approach to family law litigation. He is also a nationally accredited mediator experienced in managing high conflict parties.

With our ability to provide the services of an experienced advocate, Parke Lawyers gives clients the option of a more flexible and cost effective approach to their family law proceedings. Through Roland representing clients in court, we can reduce our reliance on the services of external counsel. This flexibility sets Parke Lawyers apart from many other family lawyers. Pty Pty Ltd (Aussie Divorce) © 2005 - 2016 all rights reserved