Evans Testa Barristers & Solicitors city

Evans Testa Barristers & Solicitors city

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Evans Testa Barristers & Solicitors city

Expert Family Solicitor Adelaide

family lawyer in Adelaide can assist in advising you of your rights given the complexities & potential loopholes that exist within family law. We aim to achieve the best outcomes for our clients given our experience in negotiating. It is true that you may be able to represent yourself in your family law matter but you may well miss important issues given the complex family law system.  There are often large amounts of documentation to prepare and, if required, appearances in court. Engaging a family lawyer may actually save you money.  Family lawyers know your entitlements & tailor their advice accordingly. Instructing a family lawyer will take some of the stress out of the situation for you by removing the emotion out of your situation & advise you purely on their knowledge of the law.

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Phil Testa

Phil is a Barrister and Solicitor admitted to practice in both the Supreme Court of S.A. and the High Court of Australia. Phil is a member of both the Law Society of South Australia and the Law Council of Australia (Family Law Section).