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Pullos lawyers

Pullos Lawyers is a new breed of boutique law firm with its primary focus being Family, Relationship and Defacto Law and Alternate Dispute Resolution. Our experienced lawyers practice in these areas as a speciality and have both the legal expertise and the life skills necessary to advise and guide clients through the resolution of the issues that arise on the breakdown of relationships.

Our dedication to strategic, lateral thinking and our application of those concepts to the resolution of clients’ problems together with our commitment to trust, integrity and equality sets us apart in everything we do.

We have a clear understanding that the solution most clients are looking for lies in a holistic restructuring of the lives of the entire family and that a solution that only addresses legal rights, or only encompasses one area of the family’s life, or focuses solely on the outcome for one or other of those family members usually doesn’t deliver the best possible outcome.

We of course also apply those principles to assisting couples who are entering relationships to work through the issues necessary to reach agreement on the expectations they have of each other, both financially and otherwise, at the commencement of their relationship.

At Pullos Lawyers we will discuss with you the best method to resolve your dispute, and there are many. We are experienced litigators in the Family Court, Federal Circuit Court and the Supreme, District and Magistrates Court systems. If the only way to resolve your dispute is to engage the services of the Court system then you can be assured we have the court room experience and dedication necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.

We are also trained in the various methods of alternate dispute resolution such as Collaborative Law, Mediation, Arbitration and the many different varieties of negotiation.

Our strategic and lateral approach is used to assist our clients to decide from the outset which method of dispute resolution best suits their family and their circumstances.

Cassandra Pullos

Cassandra Pullos is one of Queensland's senior Accredited Family Law Specialists who has practiced in Family, Relationship and Defacto law since her admission as a lawyer in 1985. She has a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Queensland University of Technology.

Chrissy Trueman

Chrissy is a Family Lawyer and mediation specialist with a Masters in Business. Her focus on minimising conflict and achieving lasting outcomes combined with her background in investment banking and finance mean that she can assist clients in resolving even the most difficult of family law matters.


Jessica Craddock

After being admitted as a solicitor in 2012, I joined Legal Aid Queensland, where I predominantly represented clients who were the victims of domestic violence, and after moving to one of Brisbane’s premiere boutique family law firms, I supported those with less access to representation through volunteer work at the Caxton Legal Centre and Women’s Legal Service



Grant Furiosi

Grant Furiosi is admitted as a Solicitor in the Supreme Court of Queensland and High Court of Australia. Grant’s expertise in Family Law litigation and negotiation allow him to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients in all matters, no matter how difficult.


Katherine Smallshaw

Long before graduating with a Bachelor of Law from Bond University, personal experience in Australia’s family law system shaped my understanding of family law. The impact that relationship breakdowns can have on all parties, particularly children, was very clear to me from a young age, and I have dedicated my life to family law in order to improve that experience for those going through that difficult process.