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We treat customer service as part of our core service.  We aim to make the process as easy as it can be and deliver quality legal services in a quality way.

We are aware of the how stressful litigation can be and consider it a last resort in most cases.  Our practical, common sense advice will guide you towards reaching the best deal possible in the circumstances.

Our clients can rely on the fact our family lawyers will be courteous, respectful and considerate of your needs at every step of the way.

You can count on us to communicate quickly and professionally, via returning telephone calls promptly or completing reports on case developments


We aim to settle but can fight if we need to

In most Family Law cases, going to court is a waste of money. In our experience, no one has walked away from litigation happy about their legal costs. It’s simply not good value. That’s why you should always try to reach a deal.

We aim to settle disputes as quickly and discreetly as possible through creative problem-solving. We have extensive experience in the negotiation of pre-marital and post-marital agreements to protect you, your assets and income.



Our law firm is extremely sensitive to our client’s costs. We believe that sometimes, parties often flush their money down the drain. When we think you’re letting emotions get the better of you, we won’t be afraid to tell you

We are now offering $95 1 hour in-person or over the phone initial family law consults

Luke Cudmore

My name is Luke Cudmore and I am the Director and Principal Lawyer of Cudmore Legal Family Lawyers Brisbane Co.

As a family lawyer, I am aware of how difficult and emotional family law matters can be. My promise is to stand by you through the tough times and guide you towards a quick and efficient resolution of your matter.

Professional interests:

Family Law, Legal Volunteering, Succession and Employment Law.

Aaron Ball

Practising in all areas of family law, criminal law, domestic violence matters, wills and estates including enduring powers of attorney, and residential tenancy matters.

Professional interests:

Family law, traffic law pertaining to vulnerable road users including cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians, succession law, and tenancy matters.

Rebecca Pierluigi

Rebecca is a Senior Associate with Cudmore Legal.  She holds a Masters of Applied Law (Family Law) and holds extensive experience in all areas of family law including complex property matters, difficult parenting proceedings and child support issues.  She understands each matter is unique and takes the time to understand the intricacies of your matter to provide tailored legal advice.

Tayla Mojidi

As a family law solicitor, I work alongside a team of professionals to ensure my clients receive the utmost care and attention when navigating their case. I am proud to provide my clients with the strength, knowledge and support to assist them in overcoming even the most complex of legal issues.



Sarah Donnelly

Sarah is currently a Senior Associate with Cudmore Legal. Sarah is passionate about family law and highly rated by her previous clients. Clients highlighting that they feel comfortable with her and that she explains legal concepts in such a way that they make sense and avoid overcomplicating an already complicated time. 


Amelia Medina

Amelia is a caring, considerate, and inquisitive family lawyer. Having practiced exclusively in family law since her admission in 2018, Amelia holds a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice.