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We have the experience and resources to provide strong, effective support to our clients in Family Law, a complex area of law that contains many potential pitfalls and requires expertise to navigate well.

Our firm has been around since 1894, and our Family Law department is an integral part of who we are and what we do.

We work as a team and appreciate the stresses the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship often entails, whether financially or emotionally. We treat our clients with sensitivity whilst also providing them robust advice telling them what they need to hear, rather than what they want to hear.

Our approach is simple: offer efficient and pragmatic solutions to our clients' disputes in regards to:

  • divorce and separation;
  • de facto relationships;
  • property settlements and agreements;
  • spousal maintenance; and
  • parenting matters and child support.

Where possible, all efforts are made to achieve resolution by way of negotiation. However, no two matters are the same, and where litigation is required, we never shy away from a fight. We encourage clients to be realistic, educate them about the law and put their best interests ahead of our own just as all lawyers are meant to do so under the law. We take our duties to our clients and the court seriously.

At our initial consultations, we really listen to clients, strategise and tell them what their options are, advise them which road is the best to take, and provide them with a genuine estimate of legal fees that is then confirmed in writing shortly thereafter. We do not ask to be retained on-the-spot because, just as we provide well-considered advice to clients, we want them to also make an informed decision about their legal representation.

Stop worrying about your matter. We handle matters ranging from the smallest and most amicable, to the most complex and protracted. 

Put us to the test. Contact us to make an appointment today on 1800 600 664 or (02) 9265 2500.

Mark Youssef (Partner)

Mark is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law and has been an adjunct lecturer in the Master of Applied Law (Family Law) program at the College of Law for over a decade. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy and Political Science) and Master of Law and Legal Practice (Family Law), and has been practising since admission in 2005.

He has previously served for years as a member of both the specialist accreditation committee and Family Law advisory committee with the Law Society of NSW, whilst also presenting and organising seminars to the profession as part of its Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”), most notably the popular “Judges’ Day” Autumn Intensive at the College of Law. He provides strong representation of his clients and never forgets that no two cases are the same.

He tailors his approach and strategy to each individual case he handles and works hand in glove with every client to bring their matter to an end as well and as quickly as possible. Mark has access to and worked alongside some of the country’s finest barristers, mediators and expert witnesses. Whether it’s divorce, parenting or property, there are solutions to every legal problem worth exploring.

Susan Eshaghi (Associate)]

Susan was admitted to practice in 2015 and joined the Family Law team at Taylor & Scott in 2018. Susan holds a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations) and Bachelor of Laws  from the University of Western Sydney and later completed a Master of Applied Laws (Family Law) at the College of Law.

Susan’s experience in family law has exposed her to many complex matters which has taught her to provide the best possible service to her clients effectively and efficiently. She is committed to assist clients in settlement negotiations and, where possible, resolving matters without the need for litigation. Susan brings great empathy and sensitivity to difficult situations whilst providing straightforward and realistic advice to her clients. She is acutely aware of the financial and emotional stress that family breakdown causes to her clients and their children and is motivated to find the best possible solution for each individual.