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Blumberg Family Lawyers

At Blumberg Family lawyers we have lived through the trauma with many clients and understand what you will experience. We will look after your best interests and support you throughout this very difficult time. When you join with us you will not be alone; we have the expertise and experience to help you through a separation and the property settlement, parenting or other issues that might arise.

We can help with:

  • Spousal Maintenance - getting you funds to keep you going if you need them
  • Children and parenting issues - we are experienced in ensuring your best interests and those of your children are looked after we provide clear advice on living arrangements for children, child support and all other relevant areas.
  • Property matters - You will receive clear, easy-to-understand information on your rights. We have assisted many clients achieve excellent outcomes -  let us work for you.
  • Assisting you in trying to reach an early agreement to save costs and trauma. If that is not possible we can represent your interests in Court.

Getting started on separation
The prospect of separation is a scary mix of questions for anyone unfamiliar with the process. Where do you start, what about the children, what's fair, will I need to go to court? We have developed our Starter Package to help - a simple process that gets you started for a fixed price.

Our Family Law team has the experience, expertise and temperament to get you through this most difficult time and achieve an excellent outcome for you.

Alan Blumberg

Alan Blumberg assists clients going through the breakdown of a personal relationship with discretion, understanding and empathy. He has an interest in estate planning and the creation of strategies to ensure client's assets are protected into the future. He brings his extensive real-world experience in business to the resolution of commercial disputes. Alan understands that a trip to a lawyer can be a daunting experience for many people but his calm and confident manner reassures clients in distress. Alan works hard to resolve disputes and achieves outstanding results for clients by providing advice that is practical and by only recommending solutions that are achievable