De Saxe O'Neill Family lawyers

De Saxe O'Neill Family lawyers

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De Saxe O'Neill Family lawyers

De Saxe O’Neill Family Lawyers is a local family law firm who are here to help and support you as you go through separation and divorce.

Unlike traditional firms, we offer a private and supportive space to discuss modern and alternative ways of addressing your particular needs. We offer a more family friendly process where our lawyers will talk to your ex or their lawyer if needed. Part of our process can be to engage other professionals such as counsellors, therapists, mediators and financial advisors to assist you and your family get through this difficult time.


As a small firm, we offer a flexible, personal service to our clients:

  • We adapt our approach for every family, whether a gentler or a tougher approach is needed
  • We know people are not keen on seeing a lawyer but once you come and see us, we will support you all the way;
  • Located in a small, discreet building, we offer our combined expertise and technology to deliver excellent advice and service;
  • We are experts in our field and choose to practise in select areas of law which we know and can deliver to you at a high level.
Janine De Saxe

Janine is a highly experienced family lawyer, having practised in all aspects of family law for over 30 years. She believes that being receptive to her client’s needs, being empathetic and efficient, as well as having extensive legal knowledge, are the key reasons that she has built up a successful following, with most of her clients referred by word of mouth from former clients or other lawyers.

Margie O'Neill

Margie is experienced in all areas of family law including parenting, property settlements, same-sex and defacto matters. Her clients find her empathetic and sensitive to their individual needs whilst being straight shooting and down to earth. Margie is acutely aware of the stress caused by separation and divorce and she is particularly knowledgeable about the damaging results of family conflict both on parents and children. Her emphasis is first and foremost on the best interests of children and as a parent of three sons, Margie understands how important it is for children that their parents work together as well as they can to maintain respectful communications with each other even through very difficult times.