People have affairs for a number of reasons

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People have affairs for a number of reasons

Sometimes it just feels good, but for the most part, there is a reason for people straying from the monogamous path. Read on to find out how people justify cheating on their spouses:

  • The “We Connect”  Affair - This is when two people connect with mind first, quickly followed by body and spirit. It’s as though they are married and meant to be together forever. The cheating pair is fulfilled on every level - spiritually, emotionally, sexually and intellectually. These affairs are the most dangerous and can lead to divorce. It feels right and fills the gaps that are present in the original marriages.
  • The Convenience Affair -  This affair happens when only one party has a vested interest in the affair. Most often, women are committed to the new relationship and men are just there for fun. Women believe that men will leave their other halves, which rarely happens. It's not uncommon for men to have multiple affairs on this basis.
  • The Sisterly Affair - A man has a secret liaison with his spouse's sister believing that this will be kept secret. The problem is that issues often arise between the two women, and they are bound to surface at some point. Most often, one of the other spouses detects incriminating evidence. These affairs affect more than just the two couples - they can destroy whole families.
  • The "Only Soulmates" Affair - This is where a  meeting of the minds takes place;   where two people connect on an intellectual and spiritual level, and there is no sex involved. When this couple becomes close, they start to drift away from their spouses. This is a dangerous type of affair as it is easy to fall in love this way.
  • The "Revenge" Affair: This is when one partner has an affair to get back to the other partner. There are anger and resentment, and the affair happens purely to hurt the other spouse.
  • The Lust Affair: Purely sexual, the lust affairs usually die out. There's a good chance that everyone can get away without being hurt as these affairs don't last too long.

Top Reasons Why People Have Affairs

People have affairs for some reasons. Here are the top reasons why people cheat on their partners:

  • Boredom: When spouses don’t work at keeping the excitement in their marriage, people can become bored and seek adventure elsewhere. They are not fulfilled in their marriages and want to know that they still have what it takes to turn people on.
  • Revenge sex: Partners seek sex outside of the marriage to exact revenge on their cheating spouses.
  • Falling for someone new: People meet new people who turn them on in every way.  Emotional connections are the worst kind because it is hard to rekindle the magic with a spouse again when your heart is with someone new.
  • Losing the sparkle in a marriage: A happy marriage takes commitment and work, and some people simply fall out of love.
  • Seeking validation outside the marriage: Some partners don't get enough affection from their partners and end up seeking it from other people.
  • The absence of sexual gratification in the marriage: When partners lose the spark in the marriage and the bedroom, they seek sexual stimulation elsewhere.

The Costs of Infidelity

Partners who discover that their spouses are cheating can develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and experience symptoms such as a racing pulse and be startled easily. If the cheating partner is late coming home from work, the other partner goes into panic mode and suffers distress and panic attacks with symptoms such as palpitations, cold, clammy skin, sweaty palms, fainting, flushed face, hypertension and more. Thankfully, PTSD can be treated with drugs, therapy, and rapid eye movement therapy.



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