Many people make mistakes after breaking up

There are many dos and don'ts after breaking up. Here are four crucial things you should never do when you break up with your ex. It is important to maintain your dignity after breaking up. Read on to find out what not to do when you break up with your ex.

Being "just friends"

If you could not keep the relationship together while you were still an item, it won't work after the breakup either. You need to make a clean break and get some time to yourself. Take some time to work through the loss and redefine yourself. You have changed during your relationship and now it's time to find the "real" you.

Holding onto reminders

Don't hang on to items that  constantly remind you of your ex. They will only serve to make you miserable. Place any clothing, books, photos, mementos and the like in a box and pack the box away. Out of sight, out of mind should be your mantra from heron in. You will have enough intangible  reminders to  constantly remind you  about your ex, so remove any props that you can. You need to reshoot the movie of your life that excludes your ex. This is a little harder to do if you are getting divorced and there are children in the mix.

Engaging in substance abuse

If you need to rely on drugs  - legal or otherwise - to soothe the pain, you need help and fast. This is the time to seek counseling so that you can develop some new coping mechanisms to deal with the rejection of the breakup. Rather resort to talking about how you feel than taking substances to numb the pain. The pain will always be there the next morning and you will be feeling rather grotty too.

Suppressing emotions

Suppressing emotions is like putting a band aid over a boil. It hides the truth but it is still there. Rather find ways to deal with your emotions. These could include talking about how you feel and finding some new and different hobbies to engage in to distract you from some temporary emotional pain