Man suing ex-wife over secret shoe stash

In an article called “Man suing ex-wife over secret shoe stash” Martin Zavan reports that a wife’s 1,200 shoe collection may certainly include as part of the property pool in family law matter.

This article published on 26 June 2012 by ninemsn states the wife Beth Shak starred in a documentary called “God save my shoes” where she displayed her prize collection. In the documentary, the shoes could only be accessed by entering into a room with a unique code.

Beth Shak was married to hedge fund manager Daniel Shak who states he was not aware his partner had such a considerable collection of shoes. Mr Shak estimates the shoe collection may be worth approximately $1 million. Ms Shak had dismissed Mr Shak’s claim stating it is impossible he was not sure about her footwear collection when they were married.

Typically in Family law Court divorce proceedings, items which include clothing and furniture receive minimal value when assessing what ought to be included in a separated couple’s property pool. In an exceptional case like this, it could be possible that a shoe collection of this size could have some a considerable value that needs to be taken into account in the asset pool.

Frequently parties will dispute about what value ought to be ascribed to certain items. The commonest conflict could be over the value of an item of real property. In such instances, the parties may appoint a joint valuer who will provide a valuation. Valuations can also be obtained for more unusual items such as boats, antiques, artworks or theoretically a designer shoe collection.