Alan Weiss - Aussie Divorce

31st March, 2020

Alan Weiss developed after he experienced himself how devastating divorce proceedings can be. I witnessed firsthand my own future security, and that of my familys, being destroyed by acrimonious and costly divorce litigation. I created to help people avoid an experience like this and lose thousands of dollars. Instead the system will assist them in getting on with their lives.

Your relationship is definitely worth saving and keeping

A few years into the relationship and both of you may begin experiencing or noticing things have grown a little stale. It could be because your friends are still single and you feel like you’re missing out on some serious fun. You may also feel there are too many problems and cannot find the chance to solve them.

If you are truly unhappy or cannot seem to connect the way you used to, you might be better off ending things. However, in situations where temporary emotions surface, here are ten signs that can REASSURE you that your relationship is definitely worth saving and keeping.

You Stop Listening to Your Selfish Side

If you often find yourself thinking about dating other people, but instinctively tell your mind to block off such thoughts, you are definitely attached to the person.

You and Your Partner Have Fun

Of course, there are those days where you may have lots of fights and arguments. However, if you have fun otherwise and just being together is enough to have a great time, you definitely should not think about leaving your partner.

You Are Possessive

If you picture your partner hooking up with someone else and just that thought gets you cranky and irritated, you definitely are love stoned. This means, you are possessive and can’t let go of something really precious to you.

Being Single doesn’t Sound Awesome

Even if this means you get to have sex with the person you have always dreamed of or you finally get to go crazy with those Tinder dates, if being single doesn’t sound awesome anymore, you should rid your thoughts of breaking things off.

You Still Get Butterflies

If you still get butterflies in your stomach after a small kiss, a tight hug, or your partner caressing you, there is no doubt that you are still passionately invested in your relationship.

You Hold Back in Arguments

There may be times when arguments may get nasty. However, if you catch yourself holding in stuff YOU KNOW might really hurt your partner. Well, you my friend, are in love. There is no reason for you to not turn back and save your relationship.

Small Things Matter

As terrible as things may be right now, if you still find happiness in your partners’ small acts for you. Your vicarious pleasure is a clear sign of your undying affection. Moreover, such love does not deserve to be broken off.

You Want to Work for Each Other

You know how difficult it could be turn things around back to normal, but if the thought of the effort and hard work does not scare you away, you should not be talking about leaving each other.

Deep Down, Leaving’ Does not Seem Right

It is obvious that you are physically and emotionally connected to your partner, hence why you are in a relationship. However, despite things going all haywire, if you believe you cannot be without him/her, what is the point of ending things?

You Can Be Yourself

We are all different to people around us. However, to the ones we are close, we don’t shy away from showing our true self. If you feel the same way, you know it is right to save your relationship.

So, if you can relate to the signs mentioned above, it’s time you reevaluate and start thinking about saving your relationship.