How do your morals line up with your partner's morals?

Dating is fun and exciting, however there will come a time when you  want to take the relationship to the next level. Here are ways in which you can keep the relationship alive. After you have dated for a period of time, you might get the urge to escalate the relationship to the next level. The key is to make sure that you are compatible if you want the relationship to last or even develop into something more serious.Keep your relationship alive by implementing the following time tested strategies.

You can ask yourself a set of questions to see if you and your significant other  are suitable for each other. Make sure that you satisfy the criteria too as it takes two people to make a relationship successful and happy.

If one of you lies, cheats and steals and the other is morally beyond reproach, your relationship is doomed to fail. Talk to your partner and make sure that you agree on important issues such as integrity, honesty and honour. Make sure that your morals align with your partner's before even thinking about getting serious with each other. Two people should complement one another and make each other whole, not change each other’s core values.


Do you share the same belief system about money? Money is certainly  a big deal breaker if you both don't agree on how to manage money. Have open discussions about money early on in the relationship is important if you are going to be moving to the next level in the relationship. People have set beliefs about money and the two of you must be aligned in your thinking about this incredibly important aspect of a relationship.


Do you both have the same expectations regarding your relationship? Do both of you want kids, are you happy living where you do? If one of you does not want kids and one of you one wants to travel extensively, you could find your relationship under a bit of strain. Find out all this information before committing yourself to a person, no matter how incredible he or she is.

Safeguard your relationship against premature breakup