The wife claims $278,000 monthly support for her and her son

The couple had one son who has autism is presently fighting in court for custody of the child and monthly support for both the wife and the son.

The wife claims $278,000 monthly support for her and her son but was denied by the court. She also claims $24M worth of properties which includes a $3.3M Swiss villa. She maintains she needs at least $1.2M a year to pay for 4 full-time careers for the son. Total assets of the husband were reported to be at $77M-$110M. He is declared to earn $300,000 a week. The settlement is currently pending in court but the wife had earlier received $375,000 and $16M which she told the court she had spent already on legal fees.

The Adelaide couple married in 1994. They had a teenager son who is suffering from autism. After the estrangement, both are now before the court for divorce and settlement of the marital estate amounting to almost $110M. The wife prays for $278,000 a month for her support and that of his son from 2005 to present.

The son is named ‘the Little Prince’ for getting away with everything he wants. The relatives of the wife had been getting money from following the son’s wishes and rants. He was reported to have a group of servants assist him every day. The wife maintains regular staff to cover the needs of the son as well as his urges. In his 14th birthday, they had spent almost $4,624 for balloons and decors alone.

The wife, on the other hand, recently bought a car worth $97,000. She reports her weekly expenses to be at $6254 a week. She spends $2300 just for holidays and an additional of $800 to buy clothes. She maintains to spend $125,000 a month to pay for counsel.

The husband originally agreed $10,788 a week or $560,000 a year for the schooling and care of their son. The wife disputes this by presenting actual expenditures. The husband had previously covered the wife and son’s bills amounting to $691,000. He is still aggressive in fighting to see his son, who according to the wife, refuses to see him since 2007.

At present, the divorce proceedings are pending before the Adelaide family court under Judge Christine Dawe. The husband has not seen his son since 2007 and is now staying in Hong Kong with another woman.

Source: Overington, Caroline. 2010, October 6. $278,000 monthly spousal maintenance Family Court bid fails

One of the most expensive divorce in Australian History



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