Alan Weiss

29th March, 2020

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The family court issued a warrant for the arrest of a former Australian sportsman who fled the country

An arrest warrant was issued for a former elite Australian sportsman after he defied a Family Court order. He was ordered to pay his wife her share of assets, worth $343,262. Instead, he fled the country to avoid paying his wife. The sportsman is now facing time in jail after the Melbourne Family Court issued a warrant for his arrest.

When the couple’s seven-year marriage came to an end, the once famous sportsman was ordered to pay his wife her share of the assets. In defiance of the court order, he sold off the couple’s assets and sent the money offshore. His former spouse then applied to the court for an order forcing her ex-husband to pay her the $343,262. She also applied for contempt of court order for deliberately defying court orders.

In the run-up to the original order, the sportsman listed his assets as far less than he owned. He also transferred $500,000 to a certain ‘Ms C’ claiming that he owed her the money. The court ordered that Ms C must return the money to a trust, where it will be held until settlement. Five months later, the money was still not returned.

The Court’s Findings And Orders

The sportsman was not present when the original order was made, but based on his text messages to his former wife the court was satisfied that the sportsman was well aware of the order. In the text messages, he refers to his ex-wife as “a gold digger who only pretended to love him” and said he wished her all the best in “finding a guy who will give her $343,262”.

Justice Cronin accepted that the total value of the couple’s assets was more than half a million dollars. He ordered the sportsman to pay the money the wife applied for. In addition, he has to pay her $19,309 legal costs. The judge, however, commented that in spite of the order, the wife is not likely to receive any money. The former sportsman, in his mid-30s, is now believed to be living in Asia. Thus far he clearly showed that he had no respect for the law and demonstrated a blatant disregard for the court’s authority.

Although he is currently not in Australia, the sword of the Family Law is hanging over his head. If apprehended the former elite sportsman faces 18 months behind bars.The sportsman and his wife are only known as ‘Mr Nhan’ and ‘Ms Okien’ – court has given pseudonyms.

Must Obey Family Court Orders or Face the Consequences