A first post-divorce sexual encounter can be amazing, or it can be scary

If you're a discerning lover, you will probably spend some time getting to know your new beau, and take time before hooking up for the first time. Going into unchartered territory is never easy. Use this guide to learn how you can make your first sexual encounter with a new partner easier than ever before.

A first post-divorce sexual encounter can be amazing, or it can be scary. Most women like to know a bit more about someone before jumping into the sack. Use the tips in this article to make the most of this new and exciting experience.

1.  Plan it for a weekend

There's nothing sexy about being rushed the morning after, so plan your first sleepover for a night when the next morning won't be pressurised. That means that you can lie in, make breakfast in bed or enjoy pillow talk.

2.  Set the scene

Hide the stuffed animals, and dim the lights. Don't switch it off completely though, as that can even more awkward than bright fluorescent lights. Add some unscented candles so that it doesn't detract from your scent or natural body odours, which most men find a huge turn-on.

3.  Be prepared

If he's staying the night, get everything ready that he might need, such as a razor, toothbrush, manly soap on a rope, shaving lotion and deodorant. This will make him feel pampered when he leaves.

4.  Remove any distractions

Plan this little interlude for a weekend when your kids are at their dad's. Switch off your phone and the television. Lock the pets away.

5. Stock up on essentials

Fill your nightstand with everything you may need for your passion-filled night, including condoms, wipes for cleaning up and personal lubricant.

There you have it! Five steps to a sexy post-divorce sleepover. Next morning, brew some fresh coffee and have cereal and fruit on hand to help restore both your energy levels.

Make your first post divorce adult sleepover a success