Building Intimacy in a relationship

Do you have an intimate relationship, one where love and trust thrives? Intimacy is all about closeness, sharing your emotions and your experiences with your partner. It’s about trusting and supporting one another and knowing that your partner cares about how you feel. It’s about sharing all aspects of your life. Intimacy is not just about sex. It is equally about a caring touch or a gentle kiss. It is about really listening to your partner and allowing them to drop their defences, accepting them with all their faults.

Building Intimacy in a relationship

Strong relationships are also strong in intimacy. You can build intimacy in your relationship by creating a bond of trust and love. Find ways to do things together. Spending time together is important. Talk to one another. Share the good times and the turbulent. Take the time to listen to your partner. When you have had a disagreement that descended into an argument make time to think about why the argument took place, and why you got so angry. Then discuss it with your partner and try to avoid a repeat of the situation. Be aware of your partner’s emotions and help out when life’s burdens become cumbersome.

This is how you build trust, support and intimacy. Most of us know when we are not doing our bit in a relationship. Small steps can go a long way to improving relationships and sometimes we need help to take those steps.

Sex is a part of intimacy. Those who have developed a close and loving relationship that is supportive and where the partners feel loved and accepted will find that sex is more rewarding. Sex and intimacy are close partners because sex involves trust but many people, particularly men find it very difficult to share their emotions. The result of unshared emotions is often lack of intimacy

Difficulties with intimacy

Many couples find that intimacy is an elusive part of their relationship and many don’t know how to re-capture it. There are a host of reasons why couples may fail to achieve an intimate relationship. Trust is built by sharing our thoughts and emotions, but some people find it very difficult to communicate how they feel. One partner may feel taken for granted or they may be resentful or angry because of past experiences. For some people trust has been destroyed by childhood experiences and placing trust in anyone is just not possible.

Sometimes practical such as financial burdens, overwork or sheer exhaustion at the end of the day can drive intimacy out of the relationship.

If your relationship lacks intimacy you need to take positive steps to develop that trust, support and commitment. If you need help, couples counselling may be the answer.



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