It is important for divorced or separated parents to continue contact with their children.

This is for the well-being of the child who might be feeling tumultuous emotions in the midst of the separation of his parents. The primary concern of the parents, the government and the law is the best interest of the child.
The law requires that divorced parents exercise equal shared parental responsibility over their child. Parents must exert all efforts to be able to spend considerable time with their child. Just because the child lives with one parent does not permit the other parent to slack off on his parental responsibilities. He is required to maintain constant contact with his child and be a physical presence in his child’s activities.
If both parents are capable and willing to take care of their child, the court may order shared custody. However, it cannot be denied that the conflict between warring parents would make it difficult for them to jointly take care of their child. A young child can already sense that all is not well in his surroundings. He can detect feelings of anger and hostility. It would not be good for him to sense these feelings from his parents.
This is the reason for the existence of child contact services. Sometimes it is best for parents to engage the services of child contact agencies that can facilitate a parent’s contact with his child. In extreme cases of conflict, the animosity between parents is so great that they cannot effectively deal with each other. This will most likely affect the turn-over of a child from one parent to another in a shared care arrangement. A child contact service agency is a neutral ground where parents and child can have contact with minimal stress and conflict.
Children contact is very important for a child who is suffering the effects of divorce. Parents may not realize it but their children may be suffering silently. They would feel helpless and frustrated that they cannot help their parents mend their troubles. It is crucial that parents maintain constant communication with their children and assure them that they are blameless for the divorce or separation.



Alan Weiss - Aussie Divorce

31st March, 2020

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