Many people have faced a breakup and have lived to tell the tale

While most relationships are magical in the beginning, some of them end up in pain and misery. This applies to gay relationships too. We all struggle with rejection.

Many people have faced a breakup and have lived to tell the tale. While it feels like your whole world has come crashing down, know that this too will pass and you will come out the side stronger and wiser for it. Being prepared for your first gay breakup will help you get over it and allow you to move on to a more fulfilling relationship.

Don't be scared to cry

Remember the relief you felt when you came out of the closet and how you cried?  Well, feel free to cry when you break up for the first time. You are of no value with all that pent-up anger and frustration. Let the pain go by having a good cry. You'll feel better for it and it you'll be able to put the breakup into perspective. If you don't cry, you'll be angry and upset and unable to connect with someone else.

It's not all about you

It takes two people to make or break a relationship. If your partner breaks up with you, he must carry his share of the blame. Relationships are about compromise, and it's likely there was lack of compromise by both parties. There's are plenty of good people looking for a relationship with a person like you, so hang in and be patient.


Everyone has baggage, and if a person loves you, he or she will accept you as you are. You are likely to be bruised and fragile after your first gay breakup, and any new would be prospect should be understanding and patient with you. If you have recently come out and just had your first gay breakup, you are going to be loaded with baggage. Any partner worth his or her salt will know this and should be able to help you deal with this. Remember, all gay people go through similar experiences, and many have survived their first breakup, so relax, knowing that your partner should be understanding of what you are going through.