Spousal support or maintenance is one of the most controversial issues in the Australian Family Court

There are a lot of legal discussions and legal opinions regarding spousal support or maintenance under Australian laws. Spousal support or maintenance is one of the most controversial issues in the Australian Family Court because many people frowned at the dependence of a spouse to the other despite the fact that they have already parted ways.

Today, the data presented concerning spousal maintenance is rare, considering the fact that the tradition of dependence on your spouse has changed through the years. However, there are still cases where spousal support is necessary. Also, in some cases, property transfer after the divorce can also be considered spousal support.

Over the last years, spousal support cases have lessened because of the growing trend of individualism, the participation of women in economic endeavours and the struggle of women to be independent. Overall, this affects the issues of spousal support.

Most often, when there is a marriage break-up, one spouse will encounter financial problems, if he or she is dependent on the other spouse for support. Thus, under the Australian Family Court, it is provided that even if the spouses are divorced, the other spouse is entitled to spousal support privileges.

In spousal support, cases is a provision in the law that a lot of people do not know. This happens to many homemakers who are simply left at home while the husband earns money. So, when the spouses separate, the wife and the kids are caught in a dilemma on how to earn their living.

It is this time now that the family domestic Court of Australia can intervene in these legal issues of spousal support. When spouses are still married, both were contributing equally to the family income, while the poor wife, jobless takes care of the children.

This may sound or look pitiful on the part of the wife, but under the Australian Domestic Law, a jobless wife who takes care of the family has equal rights to the partnership. Hence, in cases of divorce and the jobless wife needs alimony or spousal support, she can always come to court for assistance.



Alan Weiss - Aussie Divorce

2nd April, 2020

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