The Family Dispute Resolution is currently mandatory

In any divorce or separation proceedings in court, it is required that couples should undergo mediation proceedings to make both ends meet and agree for the welfare of the innocent kids who are affected by the marriage break-up.

Mediation is synonymous with peace and conciliation to finalize all matters regarding family matters.

Yes, a contract of the marriage contract is not an ordinary document, it is a sacred sacrament, which should be respected and should be saved before it is declared nullified by any court proceedings.

Therefore, in all courts of law, there should always be a way or a procedure to mediate or arbitrate the couple, before they are granted their wish to part ways for permanence.

The ultimate purpose of the court in these proceedings is to resolve marital issues and save a marriage as much as possible. So, we have mediation.

This is proceedings, whereby, a couple is required to submit to a marriage counselling to resolve their marital conflict without resorting to divorce proceedings.

It is a method by which couples who conflict are advised to communicate and resolved their issues out of court, possibly to give each other a chance and save their marriage, not only for their sake but for their children, especially the minor ones.

This is mandatory under the Family Court of Australia. The goal is to take into priority the welfare of minor children and the family through effective judicial and non-judicial process to meet the needs of families who are about to separate through divorce proceedings. Most importantly, this is to preserve and respect the sanctity of marriage, as mandated under the laws of men and God.

This is obligatory beneath the judicature of Australia. Just like any other countries, Australia values the solemnity of a marriage ceremony. Further, in this country, the welfare of the youth is a priority. The goal is to require into priority the welfare of minor kids and the family through effective judicial and non-judicial process to fulfil the needs of families who are on the brink of separation through divorce proceedings.

Thus, the Family Dispute Resolution is currently mandatory, in the sense that individuals who wish to go to court to resolve disputes about their children.

In the Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners give clients with a supportive atmosphere and a way of reprimand each other, to help them to sort out the problems and come up with acceptable solutions, and build reciprocally satisfactory agreements.

Family dispute resolution is expedited by an independent third party and decisions created aren't legally binding. Everyone gets the chance to express his or her point of view and is free to cite issues of concern, with everyone present.

Participants must be willing to listen to the opposite party and be genuinely willing to negotiate and commit to reaching a solution and considering a compromise. Participants must be prepared to follow the method.

Through the family dispute resolution, it includes a range of advantages for the parties because it saves money and it promotes faster resolution of cases. It also gives couples the chance to express their ideas freely and thereby resolve the marital issues and that of those who are affected in an amicable manner.

However, if all possibilities for a settlement of marital conflicts between the spouses will become remote, then the laws should prevail to find them a chance for a better relationship.



Alan Weiss - Aussie Divorce

2nd January, 2020

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