Are you ready to start a new relationship?

It is always exciting to start a new relationship. New relationships make us feel happy and renewed. They give us energy and a new lease on life. If you are ready to start looking for a new partner, you need to consider how you plan to do it. Some people are fortunate enough to meet a suitable partner in the social or work environment, but you may not be that lucky.

Some relationships start off very slowly and grow deeper over time. Others set off at pace from the start. Ultimately all relationships need work and communication if they are to grow and stand the test of time.

Only you will know when you are ready to start a new relationship. You can only commit yourself to a new partner when you have fully recovered from the last. This can take time especially if you weren’t ready for the previous relationship to end. It is also difficult to come to terms with being alone after a long-term relationship has ended, and it can be even more difficult if you are now a single parent.

Before you embark on a new relationship you need to ask yourself some probing questions

  • Are you over your feelings from the past relationship? Are you free to move onto the next?
  • Do you still have feelings of regret, resentment and anger when you think of your ex?
  • Are you once again a self-confident human being?
  • Can you reflect on your past relationship and understand what contributed to the separation? 
  • Are you comfortable with being alone?
  • Have you discussed fully the issues that may come out of a new relationship?

If you are battling to fully recover from the previous relationship discussing your issues with a counsellor may assist you. If you have any doubts, you are not ready to embark on a new relationship.

Finding a new love



Svetlana Burckhardt

26th June, 2021

My Passion is to Activate Self-awareness to take you on the New Journey of Self-love. A lover of life and a believer in humanity, Svetlana is a modern registered counselor, a successful trainer of NLP, Hypnosis & Access Consciousness, Psych K & Timeline Therapy Practitioner, Energy Medicine & Quantum Healer and much more.