There are many factors why couples would opt for divorce

Parents, after winning divorce trials usually struggle from decreased assets as a result of divorce expenses. The Australia Institution of Family found that women experience more issues in restoring economic assets than men.

While the latter usually find it difficult to balance work and child care, men have more difficulties in recovering from the emotional impact of divorce.

Divorce is a typical option for people, who after the breakdown of marriage, no longer want to continue living together. There are many factors why couples would opt for divorce.

Most of the typical factors include difficulties with communication, infidelity, abusive behaviors of partner, and unavoidable influences from the outside. When one of the spouses or both files for a divorce decree before the judge, they need to confirm that their marriage has irretrievably broken down for divorce to be so ordered.

Under the Family Law Act, the couples must have resided independently from each other for at least 12 years in order to confirm that there is no affordable chance of living back together. If the couples have kids who are less than 18 years of age, the couples may only acquire divorce if there were proper preparations made for the kids.

Divorce proceedings can cause a lot of money that is why it is very important for spouses who plan to obtain divorce to seek for a legal advice from lawyers before pursuing to the court. Couples engaged in divorce proceedings would usually start to pay from the moment they apply for consent orders up to the end of the trial. Costs for divorce may also change based on the cash needed to pay for the attorney, number of hearing days, and the period of time until the divorce is given a final decision.

The costliness of divorce may not only impact the couples engaged therein but may also affect their future and the entire family as a whole, especially if the couples have kids. If the couples have jointly filed for the divorce, they may share for the divorce expenses. However, if only one spouse has filed divorce against the other for some other grounds, each may be responsible for their individual charges.

If you and your partner jointly agreed to acquire divorce or if you plan to file a divorce against your partner, and you have questions regarding the financial aspects of divorce, application, and proceedings, you may contact Armstrong Legal Family lawyers Melbourne

Financial Effects of Divorce to Parents



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