Failed marriage and divorce

To marry someone you love is the most beautiful feeling of this world. As they say, “A happy marriage has in it all the pleasures of friendships, all the enjoyment of sense and reason - and indeed all the sweets of life.” Yet, we have to deal with the stigma of divorce when things don’t seem to work out between couples.

And honestly! It’s not a bad idea to separate if you don’t have mutual understanding and most of all, love in your married life. Resisting sex and sexual life, mutual conflicts, frustration, miscommunication, ego, lack of attraction, and when troubles outweigh the righteousness, divorce becomes inevitable. Ironically, divorce involves lots of glitches, the more time you spend together the difficult it becomes to separate, especially when you have your children and other commitments involved.

Divorce taken by mutual understanding is a pretty straightforward process. It is a better option as well, because you sort everything out yourself.

The question is why would you want a divorce at the first place if you have that sort of understanding? But in reality, such divorces happen, when couples mutually decide to part ways. Australian federal law asks couples to complete a ‘Joint Application for Divorce’, and file it with the Court including a relevant fee. All you need to prove to the court is that you’ve lived apart for at least 12 months time, or have lived together in the same house, but separately.

Another most serious case of divorce is when either partner petitions or apply for the divorce based on 12 months separation time, but the spouse is not willing to divorce due to any personal reasons. In such a case, you are the sole applicant while your spouse is the respondent.

Such divorces may require the help of a professionally qualified lawyer, who can assist you in an easy way out. Divorce lawyers can efficiently help you in issues like child custody, child support, property settlement, parenting after separation etc. especially when you are in an emotional conflict as a result of a failed marriage.