Nothing beats being in a loving marriage

There are however challenges that married couples will face. Here are some of the more common challenges that marriages face. Marriage can be the greatest blessing ever, provided you understand some of the challenges that are out there.

If you truly love your spouse, you are going to need to be prepared for some of the obstacles that can get in the way of your happy marriage. It's important to face them head on and deal with them early on in the marriage.


While children are an incredible blessing to a healthy marriage, they do bring their own set of challenges to the marriage. Parents need to be totally selfless as children come first all the time. Both parents must be in agreement as to how to manage the children.


The key to any successful relationship is open and direct communication. Negative communication between you and your spouse is bound to result in marital discord at some time or other. You need to speak to each other with respect and be sure to use positive talk at all times. Remember, you took on this marriage for better or worse.


Fighting over money is common in marriages and is usually as a result of power struggles or other issues unrelated to money. It's important to discuss money matters prior to getting married so that everyone is clear about where they stand. Tough financial times add a new dimension and can place strain on the strongest of marriages. Communicate clearly and effective about this very important topic.

Sloppy Habits

While some people will let things like tardiness or sloppiness slide, at some point they are going to become an issue. Show respect for your spouse by tidying up after yourself. It's a valuable lesson for your children to learn too. Don't be tardy as that just screams lack of respect for your spouse. He or she can't wait to see you so make sure you arrive whenever you say you will.

Busy Lifestyles

Life today is hectic and can rob a loving couple of quality time together. Forget about quantity and focus on quality. Schedule times to be together and stick to them. Make sure that you get the maximum quality out of that time so that you can both reconnect with each other.