Most of us assume cheating is a sexual thing

With technology and all the other modern-day distractions, people cheat on each other more often than not.  Most of us assume cheating is a sexual thing (with regards to relationships). However, cheating deprives someone of something of value. When you spend time with your spouse, you need to be present. Read on to find out whether you are present when in the company of your better half.

Social Media Or Your Spouse?

How many one-sided conversations have you had with your spouse where you weren’t really listening because you were distracted? This often happens when one spouse is so engrossed in social media that they can’t focus on the other fully. If you’re talking to someone else while in the presence of your spouse, this is cheating of sorts as you are giving attention to someone else rather than to each other.

Next time you eat out, look around, and you will see how many people are glued to their phone or tablet engaging other people in the presence of their spouses. In the old days, eating out was one of the best ways to connect with your spouse, and discuss things that matter.

While sexual cheating does hurt, a slowly disintegrating relationship can hurt even more. There is nothing worse than waking up one morning only to realize that your relationship has dissolved into nothing more than a convenience. It's very hard to bounce back from that.

It’s time to reinvent your marriage by going back to basics. Take time to make your other half feel special. Be present when you’re in his or her company and make sure that you both get value out of the time you spend together. Be quick to open car doors, send flowers, cook his favourite meal and be available sexually, or do anything else that makes your partner feel like number one again. Focus on your partner when you are together and watch how your relationship regains the spark that got you together in the first place.

Cheating happens more Often than not



Svetlana Burckhardt

26th June, 2021

My Passion is to Activate Self-awareness to take you on the New Journey of Self-love. A lover of life and a believer in humanity, Svetlana is a modern registered counselor, a successful trainer of NLP, Hypnosis & Access Consciousness, Psych K & Timeline Therapy Practitioner, Energy Medicine & Quantum Healer and much more.