The child remains to be an important obligation of parents even after separation.

As one important part of the rights of a child, child support is a mandatory responsibility that parents should be able to meet even when either of the parents decides to remarry.

Also known as child maintenance, child support is a necessary provision to upkeep good healthcare maintenance, provide quality education, and sustain the basic needs of the child. Parents who decide to separate or obtain a divorce can come to an agreement on how they would support their child through a parenting plan. The parenting plan can deal with anything pertinent to the care, wellbeing, and development of the child rather than just the dos and don’ts of parents. It may include where the child would live, what time will the child spend with parents, and how should the support be paid. In exceptional circumstances when parents are unable to come up with an orderly agreement, either of the party can apply for a parenting order.

Before a child support is given to the child, a calculation has to be made by the Child Support Agency to calculate what child support is payable. Parents can also make their own estimate of the child support through official website of the Child Support Agency to know how much the child is receiving in the future. If for some reason the child support assessment is not appropriate, parents can possibly apply for a Departure Order or variation of the assessment. In instant wherein the assessment review is not successful, the case may be made to the Social Security Appeals Tribunal.

It is worth noting that private school fees are not covered by normal assessment procedure. The child support may be also limited if the recipient is receiving a pension. In a broader sense, if a client receives less than what would otherwise be assessed by the Agency, their Centrelink benefit may be reduced.

In post-separation proceedings involving child support, parents are highly encouraged to come with an agreement as straightforwardly as possible, to save the children from arguments and further conflicts within the family. However, if you have already proceeded with the application for order, it is crucial to have knowledge with the estimate of payable child support in order to avoid further hassles and potential deceits in child support proceedings.

If you are encountering some difficulties in calculating child support or if you have some concerns regarding child support, please contact one of our family lawyers to be given a timely legal advice.



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