Different ways to support a Parent in coping up with his child support responsibility

The Parent’s Guide to Child Support published by the Child Support Agency of the Australian Government provides the best information on how to understand the Child Support Program and on how the parent can cope up with the requirements of the law and his responsibility thereto.

It will provide an unbiased and balanced approach to Child Support which is essential to the interest of all the parties involved especially the best interest and general welfare of the child.

The Child Support Agency is part of the Department of Human Services of the Government of Australia. Its main role is to ease out the process of separation of spouses and to pave the way to the proper rearing and support of their child during the process.

The responsibilities and rights of a parent over their child is a lifetime obligation and privilege. Even though a parent is separated from their spouse, their commitment to being as a parent could not be relinquished or waived. Thus, on child support, these responsibilities are augmented by the additional obligation that the government will impose on the parents. However, to ease out the transition, the Child Support Agency provides several programs and plans to help the parent and child in this critical point in their life.

The Child Support Agency will make the necessary investigation on the status of the Parent, his relationship with the family and most especially with the child. They will provide the basic steps for the Parent to follow in the process of assessing their child support as well as in the payment process.

Support to the Parent does not only end in the government support. The community can also help him to cope up with stress of his separation and his child support. There are several support services which can provide a good community to share and listen to the advices of its members. Support in the work area also helps to ease out the tension of the parent. Employee counselling is often a good start to provide the assistance to the concerned parent in work.

The family of the parents as well as their relatives can provide the best support and help to them during the separation process and the support to the child. Grandparents, who are always concerned to the best interest of their grandchild, can help a lot in the proper rearing of their grandchild.



Alan Weiss

23rd March, 2020

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