A payer of child support who resides outside of Australia has various options of making payment.

In choosing a payment method, the payer needs to consider what is most practical and cost-effective to meet his child support obligations. In all types of payment, the payer must make sure to indicate his 16 digit customer reference number.

1. Payment through credit or debit card

A payer can pay for child support through his MasterCard or Visa credit or debit card. Fees will be applied for using this service so it would be wise to inquire how much are the fees and if the bank or financial institution will impose additional charges.

Government EasyPay is also another way of paying child support. It is very convenient since it is a fully automated payment system that is available 24 hours a day. Payments can be made online at the EasyPay website or by calling their automated phone service at +611300676420.

2. Payment by mail

A cheque or bank draft may be mailed by the payer to the Child Support Agency (CSA). The cheque or bank draft should be payable to Child Support Agency, and the payer must indicate his/her name and the 16 digit customer reference number that is found on the monthly account statement. The CSA will shoulder the cost of converting overseas currency to Australian dollars. With this type of payment, the payer needs to adjust his child support payment by the fluctuating currencies that will affect the amount of payment received in Australian dollars.

3. Telegraphic transfer

This is a method of transferring money from the payer’s overseas bank to Australia. Each transfer of money will appear in the payer’s bank statement so this is a convenient way of keeping track of payments. However, this is an expensive option because the payer’s bank will charge a fee for sending payment and an additional AU $20 processing fee is debited once these payments are received in Australia. Said processing fee is imposed by a third party that is associated with the payer’s bank.



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25th March, 2020

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