Nearly 4 Million users have turned to Aussie Divorce for industry-leading information

Welcome to the new normal. The world has shifted, your client is online right now searching for legal information, what do you say or do to capture their attention before they see your competitor?

Hello, my name is Alan Weiss, I have been working with both the legal profession and the consumer since 2005. I have spoken and met with hundreds of professionals across Australia.

I understand your business very well.

One of the major risks to your practice right now is your inability to define what sets you apart in a world that is cluttered, competitive, and noisy. It is becoming harder and harder to stand out from the competition and differentiate your business.

If you do not stand out, you blend in.


Marketing is about being out there, being visible on multiple online channels, because to win clients you must engage and capture the attention of the public. Yes, it is challenging, time-consuming and costly, and you have no guarantee that the phone will ring.

Here is a no-brainer marketing channel that will ease your pain and will not interrupt your existing marketing plan nor budget.

Aussie Divorce website (Est. 2005) was developed exclusively for the family law fraternity. With over 2000 professionally written pages, with over 40 categories covering the major areas of family law. An Aussie Divorce membership is designed to complement and enhance your position in the marketplace, while saving you thousands of dollars on your online marketing spending.

We offer limited suburban membership for $49 for the first year and $99 for the membership renewal.


Your Unique Profile Page
Aussie Divorce puts your name front and center. Member FDR are given a unique profile web page which is accessible from every internal page.

Your Video Solution
Aussie Divorce offers unique tools to showcase your firm, including the ability to upload your own videos allowing you to speak directly to potential clients in a way not available anywhere else.

Aussie Divorce Blog
Aussie Divorce gives your firm the ability to market its expertise by publishing press releases articles on areas relevant to family law - all indexed on Google.


I love innovations, fresh ideas; and I am doing new things every day to help my business. Unfortunately, most law firm websites I come across are boring. They offer nothing more than an online resume of the principal and a contact form. There’s nothing of substance for the potential client.

When it comes to law firm marketing, I like to compare a website to LEGO bricks - is a simple toy that allows you to piece together the plastic bricks to build unique creations.

This is one of the most basic concepts, but it has kept the company going for decades. However, within the last decade or so, the LEGO brand has become much more than that. The company has secured licenses for many popular franchises, including Star Wars and Marvel, and has used this to turn its once-limited toy brand into a fully-fledged entertainment empire.

Just like LEGO, you need a vision for your company that extends beyond where it is today. It is about offering the same basic service or concept but adding a unique sales proposition and packaging it in a way that makes it stand out.