My separation and divorce were my impetus to becoming active in helping Australians deal with this emotional and expensive turning point. My advice is based on his own experience and that of many other people, along with legal practitioners I interviewed during the past 11 years.

Following on from my legal proceedings, I thought to my self it had to be a smarter way to manage this ugly process that sadly, thousands of aussies are experiencing every year.

If I had to do it all over again, this is how I will prepare myself

My system will provide you with valuable tips on how to prepare yourself for your first meeting with your lawyer. It will teach you how to interview and engage the right lawyer, and help you keep an eye on your objectives. The efficiency with which your lawyer can advise you will depend a great deal on the facts that you gather. Regardless of who you choose as your lawyer, the work you do before meeting the lawyer will save you hours of legal expenses.

Deciding to have a divorce, or being pushed into it, is not as easy. You are entering an extremely stressful period in your life and to ensure you emerge from this process in as good a shape as you can, you need to pay attention to what you are doing, how you prioritise your activities and what goals you set for yourself in the immediate future and beyond.

What do you get for $49 investment

This Your Divorce not Your Lawyer's Book

This book, written by the founder of Aussie Divorce, is about doing your divorce 'well'. It demystifies the divorce process and helps you keep an eye on your objectives. It will also keep money in your pocket - not your lawyers, and is an excellent resource when compiling all your information and choosing your lawyer

Written with the assistance of an experienced Family Court Barrister.

Divorce Limited Edition

PDF Download (Black & White)

This version of the Aussie Divorce pack consists of two zip download folders - the white folder (15 PDF pages), and the black folder (80 PDF pages) which you will need to complete on your computer and print to provide your lawyer.

These folders contain useful information about the process of divorce and the things that you need think about and to do. This gives you a level of control rather than letting your lawyer take control of you.

Understanding what each folder does and then following the simple instructions, will reward your efforts like no other system.

Alan’s Divorce Pack for Just $49

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