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Client Testimonials
  • Hi Alan

    I would just like to thankyou for personally ringing me in regards to my query.

    You reinforced my own beliefs in the current system and helped me to think straight and to try and eliminate the emotions out of my decisions and reafirm the practicalities of what I actually need to do to.

    I am grateful for you in giving me the time and telling me of your experience, I will let you know my outcome and hopefully this time around for me it will be a smoother run.

    kind regards

    Thank you Aussie Divorce,

    The information provided on your website is wonderful as it is easy to navigate, written in everyday language, without to much jargon. The service is absolutely wonderful with real people to talk too. During one of life most difficult things, it's so good to be able to research any questions that arise.

    Aussie Divorce has been such a big help for me and I would like to say a huge thank you.


  • Dear Alan,

    You would have to be the most helpful person I have come across throughout this whole event. I really appreciate the support you have shown me and my family throughout this stressful period.

    I will most definitely recommend you to anyone I know in a similar situation.

    kind regards

    Good afternoon Alan,

    I was very impressed while looking on your website early this morning. Something that more women and men should be aware of when in a similar situation.

    kind regards
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